About Us

Who Are We?

The Company

Gold Block Chain LLC was founded in May 2018 by two freshman in college. Although GBC has not existed for very long the combined experience of its two co-founders makes it a capable and competitve business that can meet your needs. Because the developers are both in college, they are able to compete with full-time programmers for a fraction of the cost.


Meet Us

Bernard Kintzing (Lead Software Engineer)

bernardI am a 19 year old Software Developer based out of Helena Montana. I started programming my sophomore year of high school and fell in love with it. I am now attending Westminster College to continue my schooling. Since I started programming I have worked on many different projects. I started out as a web developer and then expanded into mobile development whre I have found my passion. In my spare time I play soccer and walk around in the mountians.

Sam Luther (Lead Software Developer)

samI am a 19 year old Software Engineer living in Helena Montana and attending Montana State University. I have worked for roughly three years in Software Engineering beginning with an internship with Life.Church where I designed and created a top ten Alexa flash briefing skill called the Verse Of the Day. Since then I have worked on several more projects ranging from website design and server building to iOS and Android app creation. I met Bernard, my business partner, in high school and ever since we first worked together knew that we would make a fantastic team which is what ultimately led to the creation of our business. Bernard and I have always been focused on speed and efficiency with any project we build and we intend to carry out that philosophy with your next big project.